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Here at the Bhakti Yoga Centre we are all practitioners of bhakti yoga, having started our learning as far back as 2000. In 2003, after being instructed to share this knowledge with others by our spiritual master, Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja, we settled in London and were there for about 18 years, practicing, learning, sharing and teaching this soul fulfilling process of bhakti.

After years developing our activities in London, our spiritual guides broadened our vision as to how we could go deeper in our process as well as creating a space where others could immerse themselves in all of the aspects of this transcendental path of loving devotion. So, with that in mind, a new inspiration sprouted in our hearts and this beautiful and magical facility that we’re in now has been manifested. 


We’d love to share with you this divine process and practice, which is solely intended to expand the ocean of transcendental bliss.

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