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Daily Program

The daily program is a part of our personal practice as instructed by our Spiritual Master and the Vedic scriptures. The program schedule consists mainly of foundational practices such as sravanam and kirtanam, which are essential in the development of a loving service mood to the Supreme Lord. 

Bhakti Yoga Retreats

The Bhakti Yoga Retreats are intended to give a thorough introduction into the practice of sudha-bhakti, pure bhakti. It includes a seminar on the 12th chapter of the Bhagavad-Gita, where Sri Krsna Himself explains how bhakti can be performed by all, at all stages of life.  

Bhakti Yoga Festivals 

At the Bhakti Yoga Centre a calendar called Vaisnava Panjika is followed. According to Vedic principles many festivals in honour of the Supreme Lord’s devotee saints, His pastimes and His incarnations are honoured. Supremely holy days such as ekadasi-vrata are also followed, all in order to nourish the soul with transcendental bhakti power. 

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