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The Bhakti Yoga Centre is a registered charity (reg. 1123514). All of our activities, except for the hiring of the facility, are donation based.

Our only purpose has always been to share the wealth we are receiving with others, knowing that this will please those that are nourishing us, our spiritual preceptors, who are naturally endowed with an unconditional mood of love and mercy.

With this in mind, we have been constantly engaged in organising unlimited programs over the years, such as bhakti festivals and regular classes, kirtan nights, meditation workshops etc. at our centre in London. Also we have been engaged in arranging events at various hall programs and community centres where we invite elevated practitioners of bhakti to speak and give enlightening talks.  We speak to new people on the streets, parks and market areas giving them spiritual books, blessed food and kirtan. We visit devotees in their homes to help inspire their practices or visit people new to the line of bhakti who wish to learn more. At our new centre in Wales we are following all vaisnava tithis and festivals, honouring them with kirtan, arati, prasad, arranging wonderful displays, flowers garlands and feasts. All of which can be donated for and offered in the name of a friend or family member to enable everyone to get sukriti (spiritual merit) for their auspiciousness.

If you feel inspired to help, please come and visit us, come out with us or donate to support what we do!

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